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“Some Splain’n to Do”
February 16, 2014

If you grew up watching the I Love Lucy TV show or caught the re-runs via Nick at Night, the title of this blog is probably familiar to you.  The antics of the comedic red head, who starred with her real life Cuban husband Ricky Ricardo are still as funny today as they ever were.  In most episodes Lucille Ball was busy concocting some type of plan that usually ended up putting her husband and neighbor friends (the Mertz’s) in an embarrassing situation.  When the plan was discovered Ricky would often say in his Cuban accent - “Lucy, you got some splain’n to do.”   As we enter the mid-point of Missions emphasis month it might do us well to have some “Splain’n.”  Faith Promise Missions is a term we use a lot around SouthPointe, but some may not know what it means.  So, let me ‘splain by taking the term in reverse:  Missions refers to carrying out the mission God has given to every believer and every church - To reach around the globe and around the corner with the good news that Jesus savesPromise - This is a personal commitment to get involved in giving financially and praying for the outreach effort of our church and missionaries who partner with us.  Faith - Here is the interesting and sometimes confusing part of the matter.  God may want to give through us what He will not necessarily give to us.  By praying over our involvement the Lord may lead us to give to the missions offering a certain amount each week.  At first we might say, “I don’t know where it will come from.”  Then as we step out in Faith, we begin to see that God can give that amount back to us in a variety of ways.  Sometimes things last longer without needing repair or replacement.  Some people get an increase in wages, others find themselves saving that same amount at grocery stores or other shops when they find the items they were looking for are suddenly on sale.   God has the ability to do much more than we often realize.  Getting involved in missions is a great way to see God work in ways many have never seen Him work before. 

God has a Plan for Reaching the World. . . “We” are That Plan,

Pastor Dave


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