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The Light is On, But…
March 2, 2014

I would imagine that things at your house are a lot like things at my house. . . We go through periods

where little repairs are needed, and then it seems that everything breaks down at once. Can you relate?

Such was this past week at the house of Patrick. My dear wife had just finished cooking something on

our stove and had turned the burner off. She then noticed the indicator light remained lit, suggesting

the burner was still on. We waited a while and tested the burner- first with the “hover hand” technique

then with the “wet paint” technique (quick touch method) and found it to be indeed off. After

“googling” appliance parts I made contact with someone I thought was a local vendor. Turned out, they

were in Arizona. (Ya never know, do ya? Arizona, India, who knows?) After explaining Phoenix would

be a long drive for me, he said he would help me locate a part close to me. When I gave him my model

number he said, “Man, that’s an old stove, I’m showing like 2004.” I could tell by the youthful sound in

his voice and his definition of “old” that I had sweatshirts older than him, so I fought the temptation to

ask him, “How many parts calls do you get for new stoves?” I wondered what his response would have

been had my mother called. She is using a cook top from 1987. (Wow, they had electricity back then?

) He was very polite but unable to assist me. After locating a burner switch locally, I replaced it and

waallaa, the ole’ stove was working properly again. It was then that the object lesson occurred to me.

Many Christians are like that stove. People may see a light that indicates the burner is on, but there

is no fire generated from them. When things are working properly in our lives, there is a consistency

between what people see and the revival fires within. Let me encourage you to let your light shine this

week, but more importantly let that light be a truthful indicator of the Holy Spirit at work within you.

“His Word was in my Heart as a Burning Fire Shut up in my Bones” Jeremiah 20:9,

Pastor Dave


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