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Recognizing Those Who Don’t Want Recognition
August 10, 2014

Throughout history, our great nation, our notable state and our extraordinary Christian faith have had a special breed of people who have championed the cause.    They desire neither recognition nor compensation for their service.    Their selfless and sacrificial acts have resulted in freedom from tyranny, the acquisition of territories and the perpetuity of Judean Christian beliefs.  They are the reason churches like ours continue to shine our light locally and globally. I am speaking of course of Volunteers.    In Isaiah 6 verse 8 God is conversing with Isaiah the Prophet and He poses this question, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”   Without delay, Isaiah volunteers with the words,   “Here am I, send me.”  If it were not for people with the spirit of Isaiah our church would struggle horribly.   In any given week you might find them anywhere:  working on the church grounds, at the door greeting, in the nursery caring for the little ones, teaching a class, setting up the sound system, practicing with the Praise Team, praying that God will bless the services and heal the sick today, bringing in the breakfast, turning on a coffee pot,  signing up kids for sports ministry, preparing for AWANA, welcoming a guest, organizing the VBS children to sing, taking attendance in a class or preparing a meal for someone who needs it. . . They are everywhere.   A note to all of our volunteers:  Our adversary, the devil, may try to discourage you by telling you no one appreciates what you do or no one has noticed your sacrifice.  Don’t believe that lie.   Without you we could not accomplish the work of the ministry.  Thank you and May God richly bless you.

Here Am I Lord,

Pastor Dave


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